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Superb Sharpening Tools
We take pride in our selection of quality tools for your sharpening needs. 

State of the Art Sharpening Equipment is utilized in EVERY service that we provide!

The precision work that these tools provide will guarantee the proper edge for your satisfaction. 

These sharpening tools remove minimal metal to recreate the factory edge. This will enable your tools to have a longer life for what ever trade you're in. 

The EZ Vex machine will recreate the factory edge whether its a convex or beveled shear. This slow speed process does not heat the metal and removes minunimal metal for longer shear life
The Nebraska Blade machine hones a precision factory hollow grind to the clipper balde
The Edge Pro
​Provides precision edge for the chisel style knife blade
Tru Hone
Provides the precision edge on your knife for that long lasting sharpness 
The Tormek
A slow speed wet stone that prevents the metal from heating and provides the precision edge on any tool that is sharpened